Hospital beds are one of the most important tools that can contribute to the recovery process of the patients. Besides the treatment of the patient, the environment, goods required by the patients, and necessary equipment must be ergonomic for the health and care of your patients.

One of the main reasons why most of the patients spend time in the hospitals after certain operations are hospitals provide the optimum environment for the recovery process. In certain conditions, the patient continues to the recovery process in their homes, and this is where the importance of medical beds stands out.

It is important to choose the right bed type to contribute to the recovery process and the comfort of the patient. Utmost attention must be paid to the patient beds to provide the best environment for the health and mood of the patient.

As a company, our most important principle is to offer the most comfortable as well as optimum patient beds to hospitals, health institutions, and individuals. Below, you can find detailed information about our product range including the scale beds.

What Are Hospital Bed Types?

There are many classifications of the hospital beds, but we are not going to provide every classification in the literature to keep our list simple. Instead, we are going to discuss these beds according to their usage purpose. So, let’s stop wasting more time and check out these different kinds of medical beds.

What Are Electric Hospital Beds?

Electric hospital beds are widely preferred in many hospitals due to the convenience they provide for both healthcare workers and patients. They are effortless beds that can be adjusted in numerous ways to ensure the comfort of the patient while finding the optimum position for their recovery.

Without a doubt, serving your patients with these electric hospital beds can significantly improve the quality of your services. Today, one of the topics that most of the patients complain about in hospitals is uncomfortable beds. You can eliminate this problem by providing custom solutions to your patients.

These beds are also known as mechanical hospital beds. They are not recommended for home use due to their expensive price compared to other alternatives. However, if you have a patient who will stay in bed for a long period, you can still consider buying them.

We can provide some of the best and most comfortable models depending on your usage purpose. You can contact our company whenever you want to get detailed information and receive a free quote.

What Are ICU Beds?

Intensive care units are one of the most important departments of all hospitals. Due to the nature of this department, it has special needs and requires special equipment. ICU beds are one of these important pieces of equipment that can contribute to the overall services provided here.

Since the vast majority of the patients in this unit have critical conditions, special beds are required. ICU beds are quite handy in this respect. Most of them are also considered to be electric hospital beds and provide movement freedom to both healthcare providers and patients.

The biggest difference between these medical beds is they have built-in ventilator support. If you would like to supply some of the highest quality and comfortable ICU beds, you can contact us for detailed information and a free quote.

What Are Hydraulic Beds?

Hydraulic beds are one of the indispensable bed types in all hospitals and healthcare facilities. These beds allow patients to adjust the different sections of the bed with a handwheel. Some of them are also controlled with a foot pedal.

It will be worth noting that they also have a cross brake system to ensure the safety of the patients and prevent unwanted accidents. The vast majority of hydraulic beds also include shock absorbers to allow a smooth transition between different positions.

We also offer comfortable, long-lasting, and premium-quality beds in this category. You can prefer our beds for homes or hospitals without any worries.

What Are Pediatric Beds?

As you can guess, younger patients will not be able to feel comfortable in regular medical beds. This is why special beds called pediatric beds are designed to meet the special needs of these patients. In general, these beds are used by children who are younger than seventeen years old.

Regular beds will not be sufficient in certain scenarios and every hospital must have pediatric beds in their facilities. In addition to this, children tend to move a lot while sleeping compared to adults. This is why these beds have additional supports on the bedsides.

These supports can be removed depending on the requirements or preferences. If you are looking for high-quality pediatric beds, we can serve you in this category as well.

What Are Obstetric Beds?

Obstetric beds are one of the most important needs of many hospitals and clinics. One of the biggest features of these beds is patients can easily achieve the Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions.

Since a special task is carried out on these beds, there are side handles on these beds. In general, they are made of stainless steel for extra durability. Obstetric beds, which are also known as delivery beds, also have leg supports for the optimum position to give birth. These supports are usually made of polyurethane and must be lockable and adjustable.

Our company offers some of the comfortable delivery beds that you can easily prefer for your healthcare facilities. Their long life can help you to save more in the long run.

What Are Hospital Cribs?

Newborn babies require special care and attention. Although every piece of equipment is quite important in hospitals and cribs, we all tend to give more importance to hospital cribs. Depending on the condition of the baby, these beds are equipped with everything they may need.

Everything that is used in these units, including hospital cabinets, is specially designed for the needs of newborns. Due to their low immune system, utmost importance must be given to the hospital crib selection.

In this regard, we can provide you the assistance and equipment you need. You can contact us at any time to get detailed information about our medical bed types. Please note that some of these bed types are used interchangeably, depending on the needs and preferences.

Apart from certain units such as intensive care, you can use many of the above-mentioned hospital beds for different purposes. You can also prefer them at home for your patients, but it is advised to consult a professional in advance before buying any. We can provide you the consultancy you need whenever you contact us.