Emergency Cart


VOGN Emergency Cart comes to emergency departments with a different perspective with its sharp design and ease of use. In addition to its reliable performance, it is also helping hospital staff with its fast work flow and improved features.

The Emergency Cart is made entirely of ABS plastic parts. It provides maximum security thanks to its unique detachable locking arm and provides easy access in emergency interventions.

With the help of 12.5 cm diameter wheels, it provides stable, fearless and easy maneuvers.

Emergency Cart comes with 6 drawers. These drawers has in the same depth and same sizes. Thanks to special dividers that can be placed inside the drawers in different layouts, it allows easy classification and management of medicines and other diagnostic materials. These dividers help to systematically organize according to the needs of the patient.

Emergency cart has 125 mm diameter casters which coming with a diagonal locking system to provide the cart moved easily. One of the castor is anti-static. This anti-static castor minimizes any any risk of electrostatic discharge and ensure reliable use in a hospital ward.

All drawers can be locked easily with just one single key lock. With this lock system enhances work efficiency and prevents any drawer from being left unlocked by accidentally.

Height 117 cm
Width 57 cm
Lenght 85 cm
Castor Diameter 12,5 cm
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