Medical crash carts and trolleys are some of the most important pieces of equipment in clinics and hospitals. This equipment allows the safe and sterile transportation of medication and equipment within the facility. They are also used for disposal purposes.

In general, all medical carts are made of a series of shelves, drawers, or trays that ensure quick and safe access to goods in them. Moreover, they have built-in wheels that make transportation easy between the units.

If you would like to learn more about these crash carts, then this guide is for you! Here are different types of medical carts that you can prefer for your clinic or hospital.

What Are Medical Crash Carts and Crash Carts?

Medical carts are also known as crash carts and both terms are used interchangeably. We have briefly mentioned the common specifications of these carts in the above section and these carts perfectly fit that description.

They can be also defined as self-contained mobile units that help healthcare workers to carry various equipment, devices, drugs, and medications as well as materials between the units. Although there are different-sized medical carts on the market, most of them are usually waist-high.

In addition to this, defibrillators and heart monitors can be placed at the top trace of these crash carts to save space. Moreover, this highly crucial equipment will also be easily accessible with the help of these carts.

It is highly important for clinics and hospitals to prefer high-quality and durable medical carts. Any failure in the carts may have a devastating effect in case of emergency. If you are looking for premium quality and cost-effective equipment for your business, we can help you in this regard.

There are also various types of hospital carts that are listed under this heading. However, you can find detailed information about them in the following headings since we offer customized and unique carts for different units.

What Are Hospital Carts?

Hospital carts are often used to define the above-mentioned carts and there is nothing wrong with this. We wanted to share detailed information about other sub-types such as procedure carts and emergency carts in a separate section.

All these terms can be used to define all kinds of carts that are used in hospitals and clinics. In general, most of the people who are not working in the clinics or hospitals categorize them simply as hospital carts.

Unlike our other equipment, these hospital carts will not directly affect the overall satisfaction and comfort of your patients. However, they can provide great convenience to the operations of your employees and healthcare providers.

What Are Procedure Carts?

This special cart type is the general term that is used for various carts available in hospitals and clinics. In general, the following cart types such as anesthesia carts and treatment carts are considered within this group.

Unlike regular carts used in the hospitals, procedure carts tend to have fewer trays or drawers in their design. They are mobile carts that can be arranged and customized by healthcare providers to assist them in certain operations.

Depending on the nature of the operations, the arrangement of these procedure carts may vary. We provide highly customizable carts for our clients to perfectly meet their needs. You can contact us at any time to get detailed information about the specifications of our carts or consultancy for picking the right models.

What Are Treatment Carts?

Treatment carts are one of the mobile cart types that are often transported between the units or patients. This is why they usually have a higher capacity compared to the other cart types. In addition to this, they also have higher maneuverability for easy transportation.

They are not fixed carts and once the patient is fully treated, they can be allocated to another patient. This is why they usually have drawer dividers that can allow smart organization according to the requirements of the new treatment and the needs of the new patient.

Without a doubt, treatment carts allow an efficient workflow for the healthcare providers and as a result, they can improve the quality of your services. All our carts can easily help you to keep the required medications, drugs, and equipment that are required by any treatment.

What Are Anesthesia Carts?

Anesthesia carts are one of the most important cart types that are used in operations. These carts need to have enough capacity to store all the required materials and equipment that will be used during the procedures.

Therefore, these carts have more drawers compared to other cart types and can provide great convenience to the anesthesiologists. Thanks to their large capacity, you can save space and will not need an additional cart for your anesthesia procedures.

We pay utmost attention to the design of our anesthesia carts to make them as multifunctional as possible. We highly recommend checking out our product range to meet your needs in this area.

What Are Emergency Carts?

Emergency carts are also one of the most important pieces of equipment in any healthcare facility. In fact, most of the above-mentioned cart types can be used for this purpose. These carts are also mobile and allow the easy transportation of the required equipment and materials.

In general, equipment such as oral and nasal airways, nasal cannulas, bag valve masks, and oxygen masks are kept in these carts. Moreover, some important drugs that are used in emergency scenarios should also be kept in these.

Our fully equipped emergency carts can easily meet the special needs of emergency responses without any challenge. You can contact us to learn the specifications of this cart type whenever you want. We assure the quality of our equipment can easily satisfy you and your healthcare providers.

We provide the highest quality medical supplies and equipment for clinics and hospitals worldwide. If you would like to learn more about our products and their specifications, please feel free to contact us. Our sales team can answer your questions while providing assistance in receiving a free quote for our medical carts.