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Procedure Cart

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Treatment Cart

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Anesthesia Cart

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Emergency Cart

Medical carts or hospital carts; It is hospital equipment that provides great convenience to health workers in hospitals or health institutions. Thanks to these medical crash carts, which have more than one type according to their purpose, tools, vehicles, equipment and drugs suitable for the purpose can be easily transported and stored.

Hospital trolleys are hospital equipment, which are simpler than medical carts, but provide convenience in the practical transport of tools, equipment and drugs that need to be transported from one place to another. These hospital trolleys, which are among the most used equipment of hospitals or health institutions, offer serious practicality especially for healthcare workers.

Treatment cart; It is a portable medical cart used to treat injured or bedridden patients and provide greater therapeutic benefit. Treatment carts can be easily installed by the healthcare worker and can be used whenever and wherever needed. You can be sure that a treatment tool can help safely and comfortably, as the treatment sessions will be as effective as possible. A treatment cart is very flexible and has various functions and features that can make its use effective and convenient for the user.

Anesthesia carts are modern hospital equipment used to store medical instruments needed to administer anesthesia during surgical procedures. Anesthesia describes the use of drugs to numb the patient’s body so that the patient does not feel any pain during a particular surgical procedure. Anesthesia is usually applied before, during and after surgery to reduce the amount of discomfort patients feel after surgery.

Emergency carts are a type of hospital equipment frequently used in the emergency departments of hospitals and healthcare facilities. These hospital carts or medical carts, which are life-saving and designed to carry all the tools, vehicles and medicines that may be needed in emergency situations, are life-saving for both emergency patients and healthcare workers in the emergency department.

Medical carts, also known as dressing carts or treatment carts, but less well known as procedure carts, are one of the most used medical equipment with the practicality they provide in dressings and treatments in hospitals and health institutions. These hospital equipments, which are designed in accordance with dressing and treatment situations, are very practical especially for healthcare workers.

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