• Bedside Cabinet with Overbed Table, Metal

BSOB 123

Bedside Cabinet with Overbed Table, Metal

  • Bedside Cabinet with Overbed Table, ABS

BSOB 123

Bedside Cabinet with Overbed Table, ABS


A hospital bedside cabinet is often overlooked by physicians and patients alike, with many believing that they are little more than storage spaces for medicine and occasionally tools. However, these versatile pieces of furniture can play a large part in the overall health and comfort of the patient, as well as making the physician’s work easier and the patient feel better while in the doctor’s office or in the emergency room.

Overbed table in layman’s terms, is a simple table which is laid out on the floor of the medical facility’s emergency room. It is often used by the emergency room nurse as a temporary bed while the patients are awaiting other medical treatment that will be conducted while the patient is admitted to the hospital. This table top is made of lightweight plastic or metal and can be easily folded up into a small compact size, which is just big enough for one or two small medical instruments. It comes with straps and harnesses that make it easy for the nurse to fasten itself into the wall of the emergency room and quickly change position to cover any emergency that may require immediate attention.

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