Mechanical Hospital Bed, 4 Cranks


The manual ICU bed CURA 240 PL is fully adjustable and designed for standard hospital wards and long term care units. Its an attractive design with 4 sections detactable ABS mattress platform and 5 functions activated by crank mechanism. Its the attractive moder design universal mechanically operated hospital bed offers individual settings and ensures maximum patient safety.

  • Height Adjustment by Crank
  • TR/ATR Tilt Adjustment by Cranck
  • Backrest Adjustment by Crank
  • Thighrest Adjustment by Crank
  • Calfrest Mechanical Ratchet

The 190x85cm mattress platform of the CURA 240 PL bed has been adapted to aim the highest level of comfort for the patient. The mattress platform is made of ABS plastic parts and therefore is easy to clean , disinfect and detach. Optionally offered ergonomic design double layer 7 sections platfom specifically designed ventilation channels allow air to circulate under the mattress and reduce moisture. The mattress platform 7 sections made up recyclable and sanitizable material which is PP and silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) compounds. 7 sections are washable easy to be removed and cleaned, with round edges and integrated mattress stoppers without sharp edges.

X-Ray casset aplication ready on back rest addapted to be use on bed construction. The lung X-Rays can be taken without any need for the physical handling of the patient. Optionally offerable translucent backrest part to allow directly insert an X-Ray cassette if needed and ABS plastic cassette holder will be applyable.

Manuel hospital bed CURA 240 PL series side rails specially and ergonomic designed. The lowering of the metallic collapsible side rails can be activated using one hand and feature a smooth, rapid lowering mechanism allowing for quick access to patients.

Great designed fixed adaptors located at the corners of the bed conveniently situated for application of lifting poles and infusion stands accessible without obstructing the patient.

CURA manuel bed standard avalable in ø 125 mm washable, simultaneous Wheels with the options twin castors and directional locking system. Pretty and simple design for easy cleaning and disinfection.

The footrest area is manually adjustable by toothed rack aiming counter rotations of the knee.

External Dimensions 214 x 107 cm
Backrest Angle (Max.) 0° – 70°
Footrest Angle (Max.) 0° – 40°
Height Range without Mattress 45 – 76 cm
Trendelenburg Angle 0° – 12°
Reverse Trendelenburg Angle 0° – 12°
Mattress Platform (ABS) 85 x 190 cm
Side Rails Metallic Collapsible
Castor Diameter 12,5 cm
Safe Working Load 270 kg
150 mm Double Castors 5th Castor

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