Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

We offer the world’s best quality products with the latest technology and superior features.


Schröder; Aware of the importance and precision of the sector in which it exists and contributes, it gives importance to R&D studies and carries out production.

You can always feel safe with Schröder, which manufactures its products by following the innovations, what should be and what should be considered with the finest precision.

As a company with the policy of “responding to the patients’ and clients’ expectations with more”, Schroder Healthcare Inc.’s endeavor is to take the extra step for those counting on the brand name Schroder.


It is our primary mission to always make the best, the best quality and the most innovative for the health sector.


When it comes to health, it is our primary vision to lead the sector and all organizations in the sector by always bringing the best and the most accurate to the sector.


An entire new plastics generation for medical purposes, borns in our laboratories and designed by our German designers. A whole process controlled by SCHRODER: design, engineering, moulds manufacturing and production underneath our own technology.

Safety side-rails complying the standard EN 60601-2-52. Prevents and avoids the risk of injuries on patients accidental falls. Optimum grade of lateral coverage of about 97%. With an extreme minimum height of about 370mm , from ground up to matress surface, this feature is particularly important to reduce the risk of injuries on patients accidental falls, as well as, facilitate patients access to the bed by own means.

Ergonomic controls with large buttons , suitable to being used by debilitated patients with motor disabilities. Abdominal and lumbar pressure relief. Back-rest and legrest are featured on a double regression system.

We reduce the risks of contamination from bacterial infections via stringent disinfection treatments for our products, thereby ensuring a higher level of protection over time and reaching the highest possible standards of hygiene and cleanliness also by the application of antibacterial technology on plastics of our beds.




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